Vote for Our Lives



After we march, we vote. We’re showing up in the streets and in the ballot box.
But first we have to be ready — by registering to vote. Now’s the time.
In Florida, you can register in 2 minutes flat as soon as you turn 18 (or you can pre-register at 16 or 17).


All you need is your driver’s license or Florida ID number and your Social Security Number handy.


Pledge to Vote

Then get ready to make your voice heard in the voting booth.
Pledge to vote in the 2018 election on November 6, 2018. (You can also vote in the Primary Election on August 28 if you’re registered with a political party.)
We’ll send you our nonpartisan Voter Guide so you can learn about all the offices and issues on your ballot before you vote.

  • Provide your phone number for occasional election updates via SMS. Message/data rates may apply.

We’ll also send you other voter info and reminders of important election dates.


Join the League

We’re offering FREE memberships to ALL Florida students.
Join in our century-long effort to engage and educate voters.


When you’re a new voter, the League of Women Voters has your back.