Ways to Vote in Florida

There are three ways to cast a ballot in Florida:


  • Vote Early

Early voting in Florida varies by county.
Get your Early Voting information here.


  • Vote By Mail

Any voter may request an absentee ballot in Florida. Call your local Supervisor of Elections office to request a vote-by-mail ballot for the next election.
Did you know that in many counties, you can track your mailed-in ballot online?

Failure to follow the instructions carefully may cause your ballot not to count.

Did you know:  If you forgot to sign your certificate with the returned vote-by-mail ballot, you may still have the opportunity to correct the omission by completing and returning an Omitted Signature Affidavit for Vote-by-Mail Ballot (DS–DE 139 – English PDF / Español PDF) with a copy of your identification. The deadline to submit the affidavit, however, is no later than 5 p.m. on the day before the election.


  • Vote At Your Precinct on Election Day

Voting at your precinct on Election Day is an American tradition.
Click here to find your polling location online.

Important note:

When voting in-person, make sure to bring at least one form of identification with you. Accepted forms of ID include the following:

Having Trouble on Election Day?
Call Election Protection!

1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)